Easy Decorations for The Best Hollywood Theme Party!


Photo: Doug Hac

It’s awards season, so naturally, you need to join in on the fun! While we all might not have the Oscars decorations budget, we’ve scoured a few ways to invite instant glamor for your Hollywood theme or viewing party:

The easiest, inexpensive way to decorate is with free printables! The best part is, it’s blank so you can fill in whatever you need.. or keep using the template for other theme parties. Get yours here.


Photo: Miss Party

Pay homage to the stars of the glorious past, by framing their gorgeous mugs and placing them around the party space! If you want to take it a step further, incorporate pictures of your own family members, guests.. or even colleagues, if it’s an office party. They’ll be pleased, for sure!

When all else fails, and you don’t have time to assemble anything, just grab beautiful flowers on your way to the party space and watch it immediately spruce things up! It’s luxurious, and the pop of color will definitely add sparkle to the space.

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