Fun and Easy Oscar Party Games You Need!


Photo: Mary Costa via Studio DIY

What’s an awards viewing party without some fun games to get through the unbearably long telecast, or the cringe-worthy speeches? We’ve assembled some of our favorites that will surely make your party the best of the year!

DIY Oscar Party Balloon Awards 
We’re crossing fingers and toes for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win the statue, but until then, all your guests will be winners! The Balloon Awards makes sure everyone goes home happy… and for winning in categories that stars will dream of winning. Best Reaction to An Upset, anyone? Full tutorial on balloon-assembling here.

Printable Oscars Bingo
What could be more fun than an Oscars edition of Bingo? Punchbowl has a great set of printables. Put it on black clipboards and hand them over to your guests! Free printables here

Printable 2016 Oscar Ballot


Photo: Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY

What’s a viewing party without a ballot to pick out your favorites? Watch the party space get really competitive, with Studio DIY’s awesome free printables. It’s all in one page, so it’s really easy to print out and use. All in the details, folks! Get your free printables here.

Here’s to a fun viewing party!

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