St. Patrick’s Day: Green Grubs Galore

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with all the green grubs you can get your hands on! We’re not talking cheesy greens either, but really awesome dishes even the leprechaun will come running after (okay okay, your guests!) :

Green Macaroni & Cheese  
We promise you, the colour is all natural and tasty! Fresh spinach is what gives dish its color, topped with lots of yummy cheese. So good. Step by step instructions here.

Minted Pea Mash

It’s so bright, and so good for you! Just thaw frozen peas, and cook in butter until warmed through. Blitz with fresh mint leaves, and season ’em. Easy pea-sy! (We’re sorry.)

Full recipe here.

Green Eggs and Ham

St. Patrick’s Day is definitely a good time to make a Dr. Seuss creation come true! This recipe calls for Portobello mushroom as the vessel for the soufflé of green egg whites, surrounding a soft yolk center. Dr. Seuss will be so proud you’re serving this to your guests! Recipe here.


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