Corned Beef Goodness This St. Patrick’s Day

Traditional Irish food is all about heartiness, and known for its rustic element as well. This St. Patrick’s Day, it’s all about the classic corned beef! If cabbage isn’t your thing, then check out some of our favorite ways to enjoy juicy corned beef:

#1 Lenwich
We won’t ever stop raving about Lenwich Catering, because their sandwiches are pretty awesome and perfect for any occasion. It’s a juicy combo of hot pastrami and corned beef with Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing. St. Patrick’s Day, but with a twist! Who wouldn’t salivate at the sound of that?


Corned Beef Hash 


Photo: Hirsheimer & Hamilton via Bon Appétit

What’s the best thing about corned beef and cabbage for dinner? It’s the hash you can prepare for breakfast the next day! Bon Appétit has the perfect way to make some, whether for an early meal… or late night snacks for a quick party!



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