Fiestah Highlight : We’re All About (Custom) Burgers!

When it comes to the American classics, all you really need is a mouthful of juicy and absolutely tasty burger!

Don’t go any further than the good folks at The Counter: Custom Built Burger Bar. At the Counter, it’s all about making your own choices. Choose from an array of ingredients, and build your own premium burger!

We choose our favorite combos:

Muffuletta Burger 

The folks at The Counter are all about hormone and antiobiotic-free beef, so rest easy. Top with sharp Provolone cheese, Black Forest ham, ripened red tomato, New Orleans olive salad, roasted red peppers, spicy pepperoncinis and gorgeous Cabernet mustard! Just think of this mouthful in between a yummy ciabatta bun. Heaven!

The Contradiction

Want the best of both worlds, between meat and veggies? This burger will do the job for you! It’s housemade vegan veggie with spicy jalapeño jack, baby spinach and oven-roasted tomatoes. Then, it’s topped with applewood smoked bacon. Not enough? Add on a sunny side up egg, and bound together with a roasted garlic aioli, in a brioche style bun. It’s a party in your mouth!

Unique Veggie Burger 

We haven’t forgotten our vegetarian or vegan friends! This Sprouted Veggie is housemade veggie patty, red onions, organic mixed greens, roasted red peppers with a Dijon balsamic dressing. Topped with alfalfa sprouts in a multigrain bun, this burger might just convert meat lovers.

The Counter’s burger bar makes them the perfect folks to cater for any of your events, from weddings to office gatherings. You know who to call!


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