Awesome Party Favors That Won’t Break The Bank

What’s a party, wedding or an event without a party favor for guests to go home with? Instead of the usual dreary stuff that people might forget about, choose easy or DIY party favors that mean something important.. and won’t break the bank!

Mini Potted Plant 
The mini potted plants you see above are awesome, as it is relatively inexpensive and is something guests might enjoy going home with! Living things around an office desk, or even at home, will definitely remind them of your event. Add a DIY twist, with labels so every guest feels special!

Cocktail Kit


Photo via: Julep

What’s better than a cocktail at a party? A cocktail kit guests can bring home! If you’re having an event or party that serves a signature cocktail, print out the recipe and provide guests with a mini kit so they can make some on their own. It’ll definitely be a party favor they will remember.

(USB Flash Drive) Message in a Bottle 


Photo via: Buzzfeed

As anyone in the events industry can probably tell you, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few USB flash drives on hand, just in case you need an important file to transfer. Guests would want party or event favors that are useful, and this flash drive in a bottle is exactly it! Quirky, fun… and practical.

What are some of your go-to party favors?


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