Fiestah Loves: Sushi Burgers!

Did the Universe hear us this week? We can’t quite believe the amazing fusion of the classic burger, and the sixth million awesome thing from Japan, sushi! You don’t need no buns, hun… just two discs of rice to sandwich your meat or veggie of choice.

Buckle up, folks. If you’re ready for a step up from the ramen burger, it’s the sushi burger that will break the Internet!

Chicken Katsu Rice Burger
What’s so amazing about a sushi burger? Be sure to use Japanese rice, as it’s stickier, and will definitely hold everything together. It’s the combination of this irresistible rice, and whatever meat you want to sandwich in between that makes it a stellar combo! We love the idea of crispy chicken katsu with Japanese curry right smack in between two pan seared rice patties. It’s crispy, and juicy.. it’s heaven! Full recipe here.

Vegan Sushi Burger

Hailing from Melbourne, vegan food blogger sobeautifullyraw took the Internet by storm this week when she posted this amazing shot of a vegan sushi burger! Mixing the secret ingredient, jackfruit, as the substitute for chicken, there’s also avocado, pickled ginger, vegan mayo and red cabbage. It’s so beautiful, we almost don’t want to dig in! (Just kidding.)

Be sure to up your chopstick using skills, as many advise to use ’em to tackle the sushi burger. Messy or not, we’re digging in!



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