Fiestah Loves: National Grilled Cheese Day!

grilled cheese

Photo: GCDC

It’s April 12, and in case you’re not sure what to celebrate on this Tuesday.. you’re in luck. Here at Fiestah, we love grilled cheese! Of course we’re all about taking National Grilled Cheese Day to a whole other level.

Grilled Cheese DC (GCDC) 
If we could travel day in and day out, or camp our at GCDC in Washington.. we totally would! Imagine a whole food spot that serves all types of grilled cheese, and snazzy drinks and cheese platters after work hours.

the medi grilled

Photo: GCDC

If you’re in DC, and you’re about to throw a kickass Grilled Cheese party, call on GCDC because they’ve got all types to make your mouth water.. and keep the tummy happy! We love The Mediterranean, with feta, mozzarella cheese topped with roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts on olive bread. What better way to celebrate this amazing day?

Balsamic Blueberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Want to combine a few different flavors in one good sandwich? Balsamic adds a tartness to the berries, and we promise you, it’s tasty! This may seem like an out there recipe, but we’re all for new things. Check out the full recipe here.



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