Fiestah Picks: Our Top Event Planning Tips!


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Making an event happen can seem like a daunting challenge, but with the right planning, things can go smoothly! At Fiestah, we can’t get enough of the satisfaction when we see an event through the end, with as little hiccups as possible.

Whether a big event, or a small gathering, we’ve got some of our favorite party/event planning tips that we hope you can benefit from too:

Let’s Get Organized! 
The first thing we pay attention to when we’re planning an event, is to work on what we need to get done. Once you’ve locked down the theme, or what you want to see happen at your event, get organized! Make master to-do lists, create spreadsheets for guest info or dietary restrictions so that no stone is left unturned. Try go to paperless, and use helpful apps like Evernote. We love it because it’s so easy to access, and everything is stored in one place so nothing gets lost. Most importantly, keep track of your budget so that you don’t spend excessively.

It’s All About (Constant) Communication
Some might argue with this, but oversharing does have its benefits. Whether a team of four, or a team of more than ten, it’s crucial to be aware of all moving parts. Once you delegate the tasks to your team members, constant communication can help to ensure everyone is on the same page. We can’t stress this enough! When everyone is properly prepped, you’ll be better prepared for the event, or when something unexpected comes up. Open up a chat group on WhatsApp, so that everyone is kept in the loop! (Quick Tip: Try to remind your team members to stay focused in the chat group, cat memes are cute but can be way too distracting!)

We get it, it’s tempting to do everything yourself. However, a great events team can only work when everyone is thoroughly involved. Keep team members accountable by designating ownership on specific tasks, such as keeping one team member to be in charge of the catering section.

If you don’t have a big team, outsource half the work and source for reliable vendors! Here at Fiestah, we aim to help plan events in less time and less stress. Collaborate with us by letting you hook you up to the best catering teams, or even photographers. We’ve got all types of vendors, from four major cities, that will get the job done for you!. Want to sell tickets, and get the word out about your event? Check out Eventbrite!

Quick Tip: Always follow up, whether it’s between team members, or vendors. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

The Power of An Event Emergency Kit
Perhaps the most important we’ve learn is that a party or event emergency kit is crucial! You’ll need basics such as stationery, sewing kits and even additional batteries. Since we are reliant on technology, invest in power banks so that you can juice up for extra battery time for your phones or tablets. You might also need breathe mints, energy bars and pain killers. Trust us, always be prepared. Event planners are human too! We break down all the things you need in your emergency kit here.

Expect Everything To Happen
… And we mean, everything! Event planners will tell you, anticipating anything to suddenly lurch at you is the best way to ensure an event’s success. Double check the venue space, the venue temperature, follow up again and again with vendors and keep a sheet of dietary restrictions with you at all times. The last thing you need is to serve the wrong meal to someone who is prone to allergy! You should also have a contingency fund, to cover for emergency expenses such as tents on standby, if your event is outdoors. When you have back up plans, you lower your chances for a panic attack. Trust us, we’ve been there!

What are some of  your party or event planning tips that you swear by?

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