How To Be The Best Guest Ever!

As party or event planners, we love seeing the look on the faces of guests when they walk into our event space and see what we’ve done. We love seeing their eyes light up when they spot the array of gorgeous foods, or when they close their eyes to savor every sweet bite of a dessert.

What makes the perfect guest? Most importantly, what will make your host/hostess want to invite you.. Again?

Informing of Your Attendance 
RSVP is very real, folks! We may live in a world so saturated with technology, but it’s a poor excuse not to inform your host or hostess of your attendance. In fact, it would only take a minute to let them know! Whether it’s a big corporate event, or a dinner party, planners need to make a headcount so there’s no wastage.. or shortage of anything!

Saying Thank You to Your Host/Hostess 
We’re not just talking a short text to say thanks, we’re talking showing appreciation that they have taken time out to host you! Bringing a gift to a party or gathering isn’t always about wines, it can even be flowers (though we’d advise to check if they’re allergic!), or organic candles. Don’t forget to follow up and send them a message to say thank you. What’s not to love about how thoughtful you are?

No Hogging The Conversation, Please! 
Ever been to a gathering and the person you’re talking to.. wouldn’t stop? Don’t be one of those people! If you happen to notice someone doing all the talking and the host/hostess is too busy to jump in, help them out by slowly changing the subject and direct the discussion to someone new!

Please, No Drunken Business. 
It could be fun gathering that turned into a drinks fest, but please remember nobody likes the scary drunk person who kills the buzz! Don’t be one of those guests who behave poorly. If you’re drinking more than you should, wash it down with a few glasses of water in between alcoholic drinks. Your host/hostess will thank you.


Know When To Go Home!
Don’t be one of those guests who go over for a dinner party, and need the host/hostess to walk back into the kitchen with their pajamas for you to take the hint. You know it’s time to leave when your host/hostess start to put away the plates and leftovers, so give them a food and call yourself a car to go home!

What are some of your tips on being the perfect guest?

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