Fiestah Checks Out: The Raindrop Cake


Photo: Tim Ireland via Slate

The Internet is a wonderful universe of all things to be obsessed about! If you haven’t a clue what a Raindrop Cake is, then we’re here to clue you in:

According to Slate, NYC chef Darren Wong’s Raindrop Cake is a take on the mizu shingen mochi, which a Japanese dessert made from mineral water, gelatin or agar. Served with roasted soybean flour and sugar cane syrup, the idea is for it to… taste like a refreshing raindrop, in your mouth!



Photo: Tim Ireland via Slate

What do we do with a cake that.. isn’t really a cake? It’s all about the experience! Chef Wong stresses the cake is mild, with a delicate texture that will just melt right in your mouth. Pair that with strong, sweet toppings… and you’re in for a great dessert!

To check it out, get yours at Smorgasburg. Don’t forget to say hi and enjoy our awesome vendors as you wait for your Raindrop Cake!

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