Fiestah Loves: Doughnut Wall For Your Event!



Photo via: Troy Grover via The Knot

We love fried anything, so the thought of putting up a wall full of doughnuts for an event is mind-blowing! Check out some of our inspirations, and our pick for awesome doughnuts to grace your blank wall:

Any event, whether it’s a wedding or a launch party, needs a special something to make the event unforgettable! This giant DIY doughnut wall at Create + Cultivate makes such a great impact. Besides, who doesn’t like the idea of grabbing your favorite doughnut flavor off the wall?


Photo: Lauren W Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Add the right hues with your doughnuts on the wall, to strengthen the sense of theme at your event! This can go for color codes for weddings, or brand colors during launches and events.

If you’re up for a small gathering, and want to make your own mini DIY doughnut wall, check this out!

Now, About Your Doughnuts..


Photo: Evan Sung for The New York Times

Look no further than the good folks at Dough, who make everything by hand.. All day, every day! These folks are always experimenting, so you’ll be pressed for choices that aren’t available every day. We love their tangy Hibiscus doughnuts, because a) it tastes amazing b) how gorgeous will these babies look on the doughnut wall?

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