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Fiestah Loves: Doughnut Wall For Your Event!



Photo via: Troy Grover via The Knot

We love fried anything, so the thought of putting up a wall full of doughnuts for an event is mind-blowing! Check out some of our inspirations, and our pick for awesome doughnuts to grace your blank wall:

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The Most Amazing Doughnuts in NYC!


Photo: Jakob N. Layman via TimeOut

What can totally lift our day, and remind us that life is sweet? Doughnuts, of course! We just came across this drool-worthy list by PureWow, of 22 Most Amazing Doughnuts in NYC, and we gotta say, we’re really stoked for the awesome shout-outs to some of the most delicious fried goodies in town.

We’re also stoked about our vendors making their features in the list, because.. Obviously! Check ’em out, under the cut:  Continue reading

The Journey to the Cronut, Part I of III: Doughnuts

donut_love_simpons Doughnuts, a cop’s favorite accessory and Homer Simpson’s best friend. They are so ubiquitous that it’s hard to believe they have such an extensive history. Many people have devoted their lives to discovering how these simple, yet ingenious, pastries originated. No, we’re serious. Numerous anthropologists have come up with many different theories, but don’t worry Fiestah is here to set the story straight. Continue reading