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Fiestah Loves: Doughnut Wall For Your Event!



Photo via: Troy Grover via The Knot

We love fried anything, so the thought of putting up a wall full of doughnuts for an event is mind-blowing! Check out some of our inspirations, and our pick for awesome doughnuts to grace your blank wall:

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Event Decor: What You Need to Know About Working with Flowers

Using flowers for an event can be tricky. Many think it might be out of their budget, or don’t think outside the vase, as mentioned by event planner and all around flower guru, Preston Bailey! Whether it’s for a wedding, or a gathering for work, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience at all.

Here are some of the things you should know:

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Luscious Dessert Bar Ideas for Your Wedding!

Photo: Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah via Burnett's Boards

Photo: Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah via Burnett’s Boards

Planning a wedding and can’t seem to decide the type of sweet treats to serve your guests? Eliminate the stress, and just serve ’em all! A dessert bar/buffet/table at your wedding will be such a showstopper indulgence, it will definitely add the sweetness to your big day.

We’ve got a few tips on how to make the dessert bar dream come true, and the ultimate mouth-watering goodies to thrill everyone, after the cut!

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